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Crafting New Norms With Virtual Productions

Dernière mise à jour : 21 avr. 2021

Generating engagement for virtual events


Recently, everybody’s screen time reached an all-time high. Why are we getting so tired of virtual content? To hook participants and keep them watching virtual or hybrid events, content has to be staged in a way that will keep them engaged. Here are few options to look into, adding to the virtual lighting and decor solutions Lüz Studio already offers.


Some big events require big venues to live up to them, but may feel empty due to the absence of an audience. The use of lighting helps with reducing this feeling, and inhabiting the space in its entirety. Sparingly filling bleachers with lighting fixtures can help in making the location full again. This feature was part of an overall lighting design that contributed to make the space more intimate.


Augmented reality is typically seen in sports and news, but more recently, Lüz integrated AR technology in broadcasted shows. With the objective of gathering people remotely, artists that could not make it to the event due to audience caps were pre filmed, and their footage was integrated to the program with real-world reflections. The magic trick made it difficult for the audience at home to distinguish live artists from virtual nominees.

“We had to rethink the way we approach the award show, from the choice of venue, set design, and the way we reveal winners” - Dave Pawsey, Creative Director

We used the same process for performing artists, where their performances were pre filmed and processed through the same engines to create coherent set extensions and generate emotion.


Integrating at-home, live crowds generated feedback for artists while engaging viewers. When integrated in the set design, these interactions make for richer, more dynamic performances. Virtual audiences can also be suggested with the apparition of pixels or shapes, making the space feel fuller.


Want to know more about virtual productions?

For a deeper dive into augmented reality solutions for award shows, head over to PLSN’s review of the 2020 Gémeaux Awards.

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