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Beyond the Screens: Crafting Depth of Field for Live Entertainment

Dernière mise à jour : 21 avr. 2021



Volumetric lighting is an art form Lüz Studio has dedicated the last five years to perfecting.

To achieve visually consistent, photo-realistic virtual set designs, it requires impeccable synergy between lighting designers, video artists, and set architects. Thanks to Lüz’s turnkey capabilities, these resources are able to work under the same roof, and come showtime, they arrive with only a hard drive, holding weeks of joint efforts.

“Visually stunning, but technically savvy,

and fiscally acceptable” - PLSN

  • Epic, photo realistic architectures

  • Real time, DMX-controlled volumetric lighting

  • Adaptable: punt any cue on demand

  • Lean tool for touring lighting designers


In concerts or comedy specials , decor pieces are making way for large screens, allowing the creation of epic video sets created from scratch. Layer by layer, artists at Lüz Studio can stack photo realistic decor pieces with which their virtual lighting sources will interact, creating dynamic, virtual set extensions. The depth and perspective feel immersive, avoiding the crowd to feel as if they were watching content on a screen, or upstage the artist they came to see. The setup only requires minimal rig, a floor lighting package and a video wall, making it a lean set solution that supports stunning set extensions.


Lüz Studio's big idea was to develop their own virtual lighting sources to emulate and compliment real stage lights. One could see it as the extension of a lighting rig. A key component to the photo realistic outcomes Lüz Studio achieves is the simulation of physical lighting fundamentals. The team applied the same principles to their independently-controlled, virtual lighting sources; the fall off, temperature and intensity are all manageable through the LD’s console in real time, making both types of sources cohabit successfully and consistently. This particular feature allows for great flexibility, making it easy for the lighting board operators to adapt to a changing song tempo, as they would with typical sources. They also can be placed from a wide variety of angles, adding to the tool’s versatility. As in all projects Lüz Studio creates, lighting is what unifies the overall design, whether it be physical or virtual.

Curious about virtual lighting?

Head over to Vimeo to watch Billy Idol’s demo reel or drop us a line at

For a deeper dive into the technical aspects of Billy Idol’s residency, head over to PLSN’s coverage here.



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